Song Of The Day

Hello everyone! 

It’s 10.45 pm in rainy London and I’ve finally decided to share my first ‘song of the day’. 

“You know, you can come and save me
   But you have to take a risk
   Cause I’m terrified that maybe
   I wasn’t cut out for this”

Isaac Gracie is a West London based singer-songwriter and on March 24th he released his debut EP “Songs from My Bedroom”, in which you can find the track I want to share with you: Terrified.

The first time I listened to it, I’ll be totally honest with you guys, I cried a little bit because of the intensity of the lyrics and the raw acoustic form of this song – you can sense the melancholy and fear of the person singing those verses. 

You definitely need to check his music out!

Hope you guys like the song as much as I do 💙

A x